Fitz Mill
  • Crushing:crush raw material into small granule or powder.
  • Milling:process larger and irregular granules into smaller and even size.
  • Using high speed rotating blades to crush or grind raw materials to a desired size which is smaller than the perforated plate screen.
  • Speed is adjustable to suit different material.
  • Perforated plate screen:mesh size can be selected to meet the processing requirements.
Western medicine, Chinese medicine, health food, bio-tech product.
  • Special Bearing Cooling System:for high-speed operation that prevents the high heat damaging the product.
  • Suitable for dry and wet granules.
  • The safety device will prevent the operator to get hurts.
  • Discharge System:the vacuum suction device will be available to eliminate dust contamination.(Optional)
Model Capacity:Kgs/hr Motor Size(W x L x H) (MM)
YS-FM-5 150-300 5HP 1350x600x180
YS-FM-7 300-500 7 1/2HP 1350x600x180
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