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Bin Blender & Tilting Device
Powder and granule mixing.Mix different kind of powder materials and granules with lubricant, binder or essence oil of flavor to required uniformity.
  • Lift:Drums lifted by hydraulic cylinder.Drums can be positioned automatically.
  • Flip:Can be rotated by reducer, and can be 180° positioned automatically.
Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agriculture, health food or bio-tech products.
  • Safety area surrounded by infrared ray.
  • Operation by wire, easy to use and clean.
  • Closed operation, reduce dust.
  • Extra automatic feeding device for optional choice.
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Flow Chart
Model Full Volume(L) Work Volume(L) Capacity:Kgs/Batch
YS-LBIN-100 100 40-60 20-30
YS-LBIN-300 300 120-180 40-60
YS-LBIN-600 600 240-360 120-180
YS-LBIN-1000 1000 400-600 200-300
YS-LBIN-1200 1200 480-720 240-360
YS-LBIN-1400 1400 560-840 280-420
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