Extraction Equipment
Use water and alcohol to extract efficient ingredient from natural herbs.
The herbs are loaded in the punched hole screen basket and lifted and loaded by crane into the tank, use steam or other heat source to boil, then get into a storage tank after filtering. The low-temperature concentrator which designed of vacuum theory will evaporate and cool the residual water and alcohol to alcohol water, finally be recovered and used again by distiller.
Extraction of Chinese herbal medicine, Bio-tech product, Health food, which use of water and alcohol.
Flow Chart
Model Full Volume(L) Work Volume(L)
YS-EC-120 120 60-100
YS-EC-600 600 400-500
YS-EC-1200 1200 600-1000
YS-EC-2500 2500 1200-2000
YS-EC-3500 3500 1500-3000
YS-EC-5000 5000 2000-4000