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Vacuum Freeze Dryer
To dry product at low temperature to preserve, stabilize, store and increase the life of drug products without damaging their physical structure
Freeze drying is a method for using a vacuum and a freezing process (known as "lyophilization") to remove moisture from perishable food or medicines through sublimation, then collects vapor to reach drying purpose. Freeze drying affects product's texture more than other preservation methods and makes the nutritional value and flavor stay intact.
Pharmaceuticals / Biotechnology / Chinese Herbals / Food Process Industries.
  1. Round and rectangular drying chambers up to 5m3.
  2. Two- chamber system with separate valve.
  3. Hinged and sliding doors.
  4. Flexible sizes of shelves and distance up to 90m2.
  5. Materials made of stainless steel 316TI, 316L.
  6. Condenser for solvents.
  7. Automatic cleaning CIP.
  8. Visualization of process.
  9. Trays for product.
  10. Explosion- proof version.
  11. GMP conform version.
Model Capacity(L) Freeze Temperature
YS-VFD-50 50 -50~60
YS-VFD-100 100 -50~60
YS-VFD-200 200 -50~60
YS-VFD-300 300 -50~60
YS-VFD-400 400 -50~60
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