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Vacuum Homogeneous Mixer
  • Pharmaceutical : ointment.
  • Cosmetic : cream, toothpaste, etc.
  • Water, oil solution mixing tank with heating system for convenient of raw material heating and dissolving.
  • Vacuum system : the oil and water solution can be conveyed to emulsifying tank by vacuum transfer in a closed operation.
  • Set variables during operation : heating temperature, homogeneous speed, scrapper speed.
  • Automatic process : heating / emulsify / vacuum / cooling.
  • Oil hydraulic system : lift up the scrapper with cover for easy cleaning.
  • To use operator interface (process visualization) control system for the whole process automation.
Flow Chart
Model Full Volume(L) Max. Height(MM) Size(W x L x H) (MM)
YS-HM-100 100 3450 750x2000x2450
YS-HM-150 150 3500 800x2100x2500
YS-HM-200 200 3600 870x2350x2600
YS-HM-250 250 3700 900x2400x2650
YS-HM-350 350 3800 930x2440x2700
YS-HM-500 500 4350 1350x2800x3000
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