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Centrifugal spheronizer
Centrifugal spheronizer Centrifugal spheronizer
  • Centrifugal spheronizer uses the centrifugal principle. When cylindrical granules go through high speed rotation with special grooved turning disc, cylindrical granules proceed to even centrifugal, forming a twisted ropelike circulation. The graduation spread of groove enables the granules to achieve extremely high quality spheroids or pills. With high speed rotation disc, the granules are formed into uniform spheroid. The yield is more than 90%. It reduces environmental dust pollution during the process.
  • Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Chemical, Food.
  • Producing time per batch is only 5-10 mins.
  • Interchangeable rotary disc for different diameter granule production.
  • All design and manufacture are qualified cGMP standard and FDA requirement.
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Model Disc diameter (mm) Capacity: Kgs/Batch
BG-1 300 1-2
BG-2 550 4-10
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